GSoC’19 Project : Milestone 4

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The fourth milestone for my Google Summer of Code 2019’s project Porting KDE Connect to Windows involves creating some system integrations for the windows Operating System so it works seamlessly on Windows.

NOTE: These integrations are available through the Desktop Application (.EXE setup) type installer, and not through the Windows App (.Appx package) type installer yet. We’re working on a good-enough solution for that, so stay tuned for that update!

1. Auto-start on system boot

We obviously expect KDE Connect to be a seamless link between your devices. That means KDE Connect should be at your beck and call any time you need it! Hence, KDE Connect will auto – start whenever you start your system (depending upon how you installed the application- for 1 user or system wide).

2. “Send To” Menu Integrations for KDE Connect

Linux users of KDE Connect might have noticed the right click “Send To Other Device” feature that makes file sharing as simple as sending them to a wire-connected device. Luckily, it is now possible for the Windows users to do something similar through the “Send To…” menu!

you like it? 😀

That’s all the integrations we currently had on our minds. If you find any more ways we could bind KDE Connect within the Windows OS ecosystem, we would love to discuss them over the mail or our Telegram channel.

Happy KDEing! 😁

1 thought on “GSoC’19 Project : Milestone 4

  1. J Janz

    Thank you SO MUCH for this! I’ve been adding KDEConnect nightly build manually to autostart but it was seeming a bit odd (adding the indicator didn’t start the service and adding the service opens up a terminal window where it runs — and so has to stay open). Thank you for making that user-friendly.

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